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Sugar Lake Mexico Bass Fishing

With a Stash of Good Bass Jigs, the Battle is Already Half Won

Bass jigs are an integral part of many Bass fishing techniques. With the right jiggling from the angler, they fool the fish into thinking they are getting the drop on an unsuspecting snack. If you really wants to catch a Bass, you are going to have to be a little sneaky about things. Bass prefer to eat live fish, and may ignore lifeless-looking prey. Jigs that appear to be fish are more likely to invite an aggressive attack from a Bass. Many top techniques revolve around using both a Bass jig and a trailer, which is attached to the main
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Bass Fishing Tips from Experienced Sugar Lake Anglers

There are some anglers whose preparation can be summed up like this: buy some equipment, turn up to fish! Some people love to fish Bass just to pass the time, and for them, just going through the motions is enough for a great trip. For others, preparation goes a lot deeper. To be prepared, you must understand Bass behavior, how they are affected by the weather and by the temperature of the water. You need to learn to choose from different baits and lures, so you can narrow down what causes Bass to finally strike. If you like to be
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6 Bass fishing Tips to Improve your catch ratio

There are some fishermen whose preparation can be summed up as buying some equipment and turning up to fish. Some people fish bass just to pass the time, and for them just going through the motions, so-to-speak, is enough. For others, preparation goes a lot deeper. Thorough preparation includes understanding bass behavior, how bass are affected by the weather, by the water temperatures, learning about different baits and lures to use, what causes bass to strike, and many other factors. Below are some bass fishing tips you can take with you on your next bass Fishing excursion. Fish need to
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